About Us

Who We Are Bonfire

We call ourselves a video production company (because we had to call ourselves something), but Bonfire is so much more.

We are an agile team of directors, editors, producers, animators, photographers, writers and designers who work with brands, production partners and agencies big and small to craft insightful and impactful content for every medium and platform at the highest possible level of production value.  Videos, films, commercials, photography, graphics, animation and interactive designs. For national brands, regional leaders and local legends. Bringing ideas to life, whether we’re handed a blank sheet of paper or a finished storyboard.


  • Video/Broadcast Production & Editing
  • Concept Development
  • Art direction & Copywriting
  • Production
  • Remote shoot
  • Editorial
  • Color correction & Finishing
  • Sound editing
  • In-house studio
  • Aerial drone
  • Handheld camera stabilization technology

Not Just Storytellers But Story Builders